A Closer Look at Whirlpool Gold Dishwashers

The Whirlpool Gold series of dishwashers contains two top quality appliances, the GU3600XTS and the GU2700XTS. They are both built in, under the counter dishwashers, and are available in a wide range of colors including black on black and stainless steel. They are well rounded appliances that portray the excellence in all Whirlpool appliances, making them both top selling products in most major department stores.

The GU3600XTS is a 24 inch tall tub dishwasher, with all of the necessities plus much more. The temperature and soil settings help to save both water and energy, and the super capacity tub makes it possible to fit several place settings all in at once. The fold down tine keeps the dishes in place even during super wash loads, and the third utensil rack makes it safe to place knives and other sharp objects in it. The 6 different cycle options make it possible to wash all types of dishes and stem wear, and the cycle sensors determine which wash setting you need to use based on the size of the load and how dirty the dishes are. The 32 jets help to blast away even stuck on food, so there is no need to wash the dishes before loading them into the GU3600XTS dishwasher repair los angeles.

Customers who have purchased the GU3600XTS has been completely satisfied with its performance, and have never seen their dishes so sparkly clean. The lower water and energy usage was obvious on many customers’ utility bills, and they were happy to be able to spend less time washing dishes. It outlasted many of their previous dishwashers, and was given five out of five stars by most customers who rated this machine.

The GU2700GTS is the other model offered in the Whirlpool Gold series, and offers just as many benefits as its partner in the series. It too can wash dishes without them being soaked beforehand, and uses 36 targeted spray jets to get every inch of all your dishes clean. The adjustable racks make it easy to fit dishes of all different sizes, and the self cleaning filter helps to minimize maintenance. The six different cycles all target different types of dishes, and the express load makes it possible to wash a small load in less than thirty minutes. The Quiet Partner Sound Package makes the GU2700XTS one of the quietest washers on the market, so it is possible to wash dishes even at night.

The GU2700XTS also received high scored from its consumers, due mostly to its high performance and quiet sound. Consumers reported that it would get even the dirtiest dishes clean in only one load, so they no longer had to spend time scrubbing off baked on food. They state it is well worth the investment, since it can save them both time and money by using this washer.

The Whirlpool Gold Series contains two amazing dishwashers, both which make pre-scrubbing a thing of the past. Dishes come out crystal clean even after having food baked on, and they both can fit a great amount of dishes all in one load. They both are very pleasing to their customers, and many suggest replacing any washer with one of these. They are high performance, low maintenance, and help to save money on both water and electricity bills.

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