Refrigerator Air Temperature Regulation

As the food inside your refrigerator gets colder and colder it radiates less heat to the air inside the refrigerator. The air temperature inside the refrigerator will remain colder as this process occurs. To regulate the temperature inside most refrigerators and freezers either a thermostat is used or a thermistor/control board combination.

Thermostat Operation
A thermostat called a cold-control will cycle the compressor on and off to keep the temperature inside the refrigerator within a specified range. Typical average temperature settings of most refrigerators will be around 45 F. You can always adjust the fresh-food temperature setting by turning the dials on the cold control. Most cold-controls on Whirlpool, Maytag, Whirlpool, and GE refrigerators are located in the fresh-food side of the refrigerator, top and front near the interior light whirlpool refrigerator repair los angeles.

Thermistor/Control Board
A thermistor is an electrical device which changes resistance when a change in temperature occurs. Thermistors are typically mounted on the inside walls of the fresh-food compartment, and also the freezer compartment. The thermistor is connected electrically to the control board circuit. The firmware in the control board is designed so that resistance of the thermistor will correspond to a given temperature and will adjust fan speed, fresh-food damper door, and compressor operation to achieve the set temperature.

On most Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag, and GE refrigerators all the cold air for both the fresh-food compartment and the freezer compartment is produced by one evaporator, which is located behind the rear interior panel of the freezer compartment. Since the freezer air is so much colder than the fresh-food compartment, it is easy to see why it is logical to use this one evaporator to provide the necessary cold air for both the freezer and fresh-food compartments of most refrigerators.

Most of the cold air that is produced by the freezer/refrigerator evaporator circulates in the freezer compartment by the evaporator fan. The evaporator fan also circulates air to the ice maker and through the damper door to provide cold air to the refrigerator. Most of the damper door assemblies are located in the rear-top-left of the fresh food compartment. Only a small amount of cold air needed in the food compartment to keep it down to the proper temperature so the damper door will close when the proper temperature is reached. The control for this damper door is the other of the two dials within your refrigerator cold control or is adjusted via control board user interface.

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